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Shoulderbone Farms

This historic family farm is part of a conservation land trust established so that Madison County, Virginia will have land that remains rural for farming and future generations.  We are a green farm and use solar energy to run the farm, farm house and barn.  We have  designed the farm so that the watershed areas of the farm are environment friendly for all wildlife.


A walk through the farm takes you back to another era where people enjoyed the simple pleasures of life. Our farm has rolling hills with tall hay waving in the wind, and three fish stocked ponds with Canadian geese families who call the farm their winter home. One can hear the sounds of frogs croaking, and the rippling of the water of creeks with fireflies lighting up the dusk on warm summer nights. The farm is surrounded by Shenandoah National Park and Old Rag Mountain with birds chirping and young deer roaming, and the smell of pine trees. The farm has numerous trails throughout the forest for walking and horseback riding.


The farm house standing today was originally built in 1800. It has been a working farm since the 1800's. The surrounding farms have also been working farms for over 200 years.


Our farm raises registered heritage Highland cattle and Belted ("Oreo cookie") Galloway cattle as well as heritage white, brown and black Galloway cattle. Our cattle come from award winning parents from farms such as Aldermere, Ponderosa, Mitchell Ledge,  Fearrington, Apple Hill and RidgeTop.   We also raise registered Dorper sheep.


Our cattle and sheep are grass fed on our 275 acres.  Our cattle and sheep are given natural minerals, no hormones, and no unnecessary antibiotics. Our cattle and sheep get plenty of shade and abundant fresh well water and fresh water from our creek. In the colder months our cattle and sheep are fed hay from our hay fields.


Our cattle are bought by other farms for breeding and for grassfed beef.  Call Debra Speyer at (215) 519-6426 or (610) 949-9555 to learn more about our cattle and sheep.                                                                              

                                                                                                                                              Debra Speyer

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