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Belted Galloways


Most people who first see a picture of a Belted Galloway say that they look like an Oreo Cookie because of their long broad white belt that completely encircles their body. It is believed that the Belted Gallloway was originally a cross breed between a black Galloway and a Dutch Belted Lakenvelder belted cattle. The Belted Galloway comes in black and white, red and white, and dun and white. We have dun, red and black Belted Galloways. They have long thick hair.   All our Belted Galloways are registered with the U.S. Belted Galloway Society.  The Belted Galloway is a heritage breed cattle originating from Galloway, Scottland. Heritage breeds are traditional livestock breed that were raised by our forefathers. Belted Galloways had adapted to living in the upland pastures and windswept moorlands of that region so they are well-suited for rough grazing land and will utilize coarse grasses other breeds would shun. They are gentle and are good mothers. They are listed with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy as a "recovering" breed.. Call Debra Speyer at (215) 519-6426 or (610) 949-9555 if  you would like to take a couple home.

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