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Our Belted Galloway, Highland Cattle and Galloway Cattle


Our farm raises registered heritage Highland cattle and Belted ("oreo cookie") Galloway cattle as well as heritage white, brown and black Galloway cattle. Our cattle come from award winning parents from farms such as Aldermere, Fearrington, Ponderosa, Mitchell Ledge,  Apple Hill and RidgeTop.


Our cattle are grass fed on our farm.  Our cattle are given natural minerals, no hormones, and no unnecessary antibiotics. Our cattle get plenty of shade and abundant fresh well water and fresh water from our creek. In the colder months our cattle are fed hay from our hay fields.


Our cattle are bought by other farms for breeding and for grassfed beef.  Call Debra Speyer at (215) 519-6426 or (610) 949-9555 to learn more about our cattle and sheep.  

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