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The Galloway is a heritage breed and one of the world's longest established breeds of cattle, named after the Galloway region of Scotland where they originated from. It is distinguished from the Belted Galloway. Heritage breeds are traditional livestock breed that were raised by our forefathers. The Galloway has thick furry undercoat for warmth and stiffer guard hairs that help shed water making them well adapted to harsher climates. Their hair protects them during cold winters.The Galloway come in black, white, brown, silver and red. We have all color Galloways at our farm.   Galloway cattle are known as a hardy breed due to the rugged nature of their native Scottish Galloway region with strong winds and high rainfall. They eat plants many cattle would avoid.   Our farm is a member of the American Galloway Breeders Association. Galloways are listed with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy as a "recovering" breed which means that there are fewer than 2,500 annual registrations in the United States and a global population of less than 10,000. Call Debra Speyer about purchasing our Galloways at (610) 949-9555 or (215) 519-6426. 

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